Where are you located?
I currently work between Central Scotland and Northern Italy and I’m available for commissions worldwide.

How much do you charge?
I calculate my fees based on time and skills required, usage of the final images, amount of post processing needed, and expenses/preproduction (advance site visits, other site preparation, ..).
Creative Fee: This component reflects the time and skill it takes to complete the project, including preproduction tasks. It also includes standard editing and standard licensing rights (Website, Social Media (photo credit required)).
Post Production Fee: Some images require expert retouching sessions to achieve the wished results, sometimes taking as long as the photo shoot itself. I will advise whether this is necessary and propose solutions.
Licensing Fee: Where additional usage is required, additional licencing fees are charged to add or extend the included standard licence.
I prefer to tailor a quote to you and offer different solutions so I can give you the best value for your budget. I price on results, not hourly rates. I quote flexible bespoke packages where extra images are available at a very small fee, meaning you are free to expand your order to your needs and budget and that the more images you will like, the less you’ll spend.
You might also want to share the cost of a project with other parties who will benefit from it.

What is the process of commissioning you?
I have a streamlined process to make this as easy and time effective as possible.
Get in touch by phone, email (info@sc-photographer.co.uk) or using the contact form. The more information you can give me at this first point of contact, the swifter I can advice, avoiding back and forth. Take the answer to the previous question as guide for the information I need (how many images to start with? where are they going to be used? any examples of similar work for style and mood? where are you located? also: when can we meet or talk?).
Once an estimate has been agreed, I will require an advance (typically 50%) before shoot commencement. 
Unless we have discussed shooting at your location, I can arrange to get your products picked up or you can send them to me. I’ll send you an email to confirm all details.
I’ll keep you updated during production and upload previews to a secure online location, where you can evaluate and get back to me to finalise all details of your project. On average, expect previews ready within 5 working days from the shoot day, and after selecting final images, 2-3 days for delivery, depending on amount of changes and extra retouching requested. Most small and medium projects are delivered within a week. Once final images have been selected I will send you a final invoice and after receiving funds I will finalise images and deliver.

Just like purchasing software, where you essentially buy a licence to use it on a specific computer (example: You don’t actually “own” Microsoft Office, and cannot install it on your friend’s machines), I typically issue licensing to use my images. This means I retain the copyright of all images I create, and any use outside what agreed in the licence or person interested in using the images will require an additional licence. This is where sharing the cost of a project will produce savings, as the total consisting of all fees get split between all, translating into great savings.
The standard licence included in my creative fee can be extended and added to.

Just email me with details about what images you are requesting and usage required.

You can find my terms and conditions here.
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